What to Expect at This Year’s Incognito Community Exchange

By Incognito on April, 25 2017

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Presentation Highlights

Network Virtualization and Community WiFi: Incognito’s Chief Innovation Officer, Chris Busch, will speak at length on how virtualization can directly impact WiFi services in a community setting. Chris will identify numerous ways that service providers can optimize their community WiFi offerings, add value to their existing subscribers’ service packages, and even discover new avenues for WiFi monetization.

Enhanced Customer Care Experience: Incognito’s Chief Technology Officer, Pete Koat, will describe how shifting consumer care requirements in the telecom industry can be easily identified and then met with a better insight and troubleshooting platform. Pete’s presentation includes real-world examples from Tier-1 operators who have optimized their service offerings and improved their customer call centers to provide a better quality of experience to a wide range of subscribers with vastly different technological know-how.

Event Highlights

The Incognito Boot Camp: Our always popular Incognito Boot Camp takes a slightly different tone this year, with specific instruction on key industry needs such as automating network processes, future-proofing CPE, and improving customer satisfaction with better troubleshooting practices. Led by Incognito solution training experts including the Chief of Architecture and Security, Andre Kostur, Boot Camp provides insights into Incognito solutions that turn attendees into the principal power users of their organization.

Conference and Reception Dinner: As previous attendees already know, ICE is about much more than just industry trends and technology previews. At our Conference and Reception Dinner, you gain access to a wide network of industry professionals from all around the globe. Meet industry peers and discuss the challenges and solutions that you’ve encountered during your time in the world of telecommunication services.

We’re just getting started! Visit the ICE 2017 Schedule for a complete list of events and presentations at this year’s event. ICE takes place in sunny Orlando, Florida, from May 9th–11th.

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