Are Service Providers Ready for IPv6

Worldwide, the transition to IPv6 has begun — but just how ready are communication service providers for this change? ARIN recently joined regional Internet registries in Latin America, Europe, and Asia Pacific in exhausting public IPv4 addresses. Globally, this means that the number of remaining public IPv4 pools available for service providers to hand out … Continue reading “Are Service Providers Ready for IPv6”

By Stephane Bourque on September 1, 2015

The Top Six Considerations for IPAM Network Discovery

What kind of visibility do you currently have on the IP configurations across your entire service provider network? There are ways to view this information, but many times, the process of gathering this data is too difficult to be sustainable. In some cases, operators purchase solutions that go unused. These are common problems I see … Continue reading “The Top Six Considerations for IPAM Network Discovery”

4 Resources to Help with IPv6 Planning

How much do you really need to plan for IPv6? According to our recent IPv6 Readiness Survey, if you’re a service provider, you may be underestimating what’s involved by neglecting IPv6 planning.

By Stephane Bourque on May 6, 2014

Are Service Providers Ready for IPv6?

Worldwide, the transition to IPv6 has begun — but full IPv6 readiness is still years away in the communication service provider industry. That’s the main finding from IPv6 Readiness in the Communication Service Provider Industry, a new Incognito Software report on the state of IPv6 in the industry, available today.

By Stephane Bourque on April 22, 2014

IPv6 and the Browser Wars

IPv6 adoption continues to gain ground at a slow pace. This is to be expected. The complications associated with hardware and software upgrades, as well as the lack of reachable content, means that IPv4 is still king of the hill. To me, this situation seems to mirror one a few years back with web browsers.

Predictions for 2014

We’ve already looked back on the trends from 2013 but the question remains — what will be the hot topics for the year ahead? There’s certainly no shortage of contenders and many issues from this year will continue to be relevant in 2014. Here are my thoughts on what’s hot for the next 12 months:

Automating Back End Processes

Is there ever a good time to change the software running your networks? I recently worked with a US cable operator who undertook this mammoth task and I think the answer is yes — when your existing software is holding you back, it’s time to try something new.

IPAM for Managed IP Services

Over the past few years, I’ve seen telco and cable service providers place a greater emphasis on managed IP services for business (enterprise) customers. These services may include Internet services, virtual private networks (VPN), managed routers, and even internal network management to link the various offices of a business together.