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Best Practices Device Management

What to Look for in a TR-069 Solution
By Incognito on October 18, 2012

Right now, most MSOs have a small number of TR-069 devices, and many are undertaking in-lab testing to verify compliance and figure out how to best use this new technology. However, some...

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Best Practices General

Five Ways to Improve Service Assurance and Enhance Subscriber QoE
By Incognito on August 23, 2012

These days, there is a lot on a cable operator’s mind: the rising costs of programming, competition from Telco and Over-the-Top video, and the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth. Time and...

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Best Practices DDI

IPv6 – Should You Take the Leap?
By Incognito on October 15, 2010

I am bringing this up as I think about IPv6. Should you take the leap? Should you be the first? Do you want to see everyone else in it before you? Unlike skydiving, you won’t have a choice...

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