2018 Predictions for Communication Service Providers

Happy new year to all the Incognito blog readers. This year, we’ve partnered with our friends at Light Reading to publish my annual industry predictions article. What lies ahead for service providers in 2018? Follow the link to find out my thoughts on Artificial Intelligence, Network and OSS upgrades, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Cloud Computing: … Continue reading “2018 Predictions for Communication Service Providers”

Enhancing Customer Care, Part 6: Discover

As we come full circle on the topic of Enhancing Customer Care we get to one of the most challenging and crucial aspects of the Customer Lifecycle: Discover. Long before Retention and Customer Service, Use, Bill and Pay, and Purchase, comes Discover. An operator may have the best infrastructure backbone, the best community involvement, or … Continue reading “Enhancing Customer Care, Part 6: Discover”

Preserving Network Capacity With Network Policies

As a communication service provider (CSP), you can never have enough network capacity. Subscriber demand for online video, gaming, and communications services is driving an increasing demand for network bandwidth that will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. Not only is the video consumer population growing, new video codecs like 4K HDR will greatly … Continue reading “Preserving Network Capacity With Network Policies”

Announcing Incognito Network Monetization and Analytics Platform

Today Incognito announces its Network Monetization and Analytics Platform which will amalgamate the best of two existing product lines — Incognito Bandwidth Activity Reporter and Active Broadband, acquired in 2016 — into a single platform that includes network data collection, analytics and policy control. The platform will provide network operators with improved subscriber insights, data-driven … Continue reading “Announcing Incognito Network Monetization and Analytics Platform”

2015 SCTE EXPO Recap: An Increase-of-Things

New Orleans played host to the 2015 SCTE EXPO – an annual cable telecommunications conference promoting technical knowledge in the industry. We stopped by to learn and engage with other peers in the industry. New Orleans is famous for many dishes like gumbo and jambalaya. For convenience sake you can usually order a sampler. So … Continue reading “2015 SCTE EXPO Recap: An Increase-of-Things”

5 Easy Ways to Improve Customer Experiences

In last week’s blog, we discovered the importance of customer experiences. We learnt that great customer experience not only keeps revenue flowing, it’s actually an efficient way to strengthen your incoming revenue stream. In the 2014 American Consumer Satisfaction Index report, ISPs scored lower than all other related industries. Don’t let this be an indication … Continue reading “5 Easy Ways to Improve Customer Experiences”

Manage What You Measure with IPDR

Cable providers are facing challenging times — and there’s no quick fix in sight. The surging popularity of over-the-top (OTT) content is one of the biggest sources of additional bandwidth, with Netflix now accounting for more than one third of all downstream Internet traffic during peak hours in North America. It’s no wonder, then, that … Continue reading “Manage What You Measure with IPDR”

Tradeshows: Where in the World is Incognito Software Systems?

With both the Caribbean Cable and Telecommunication Association and National Cable Television Cooperative Winter Educational Conferences behind us, March is shaping up to be a busy month of tradeshows. So where can you expect to find our team and learn about the latest Incognito Software Systems solutions over the month of March? Check out our … Continue reading “Tradeshows: Where in the World is Incognito Software Systems?”

So You’ve Got Some Big Data, but Now What?

As Internet connection continues on a steady path of becoming a ubiquitous commodity in mature markets, we saw an eruption of big data tracking and analysis software in 2014. But what are operators going to do with all this new information? And how can they turn data into revenue?